Morel Mushrooms

Learn about Morel Mushrooms

Morels are prized edible wild mushrooms that come up every spring in forests most often where logging, forest fires, slash burns, or bugs have damaged tree roots and left decaying timber on the forest floor. They grow in forests in North America, Asia, and South America. Morels look like miniature, honeycombed, hollow pine trees. Colors run from white to cream to brown to grey to black. Sizes run from ½ inch babies to 10 inch 2 pound giants. Most are 1-2.5 inches dried. We sell both the smaller Conica Morels (morchella conica) and the larger thick-walled Grey Morels (morchella tomentosa).  Every pantry should have some dry morels.

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Morels lose 90% of their water drying, and suck up 60-70% of their weight back reconstituting in warm water, wine, or stock within 20-30 minutes. Morel mushrooms are prized for their earthy, nutty, buttery, smoky taste that can be grilled or sautéed solo or add flavor and texture to sauces or main dishes from steaks and chops to pastas, risottos, omelettes,  soups and stews, or simply sautéed with fresh baby fiddlehead ferns. They are often just sautéed in olive oil or butter, often finished with cream.

Morels have many local American names:  “molly mouchers” or “muggings” in West Virginia; hickory chickens in Kentucky; “merkels”, “miracles”, “morals”, “dryland fish”, “sponge”, “brain”, “yellows”, “browns”, “greys”, and “blacks”. Perhaps the greatest local American mythology for morels exists in the yearly picking contests in Boynes City Michigan, or the family hunting stories told in Indiana in the United States.  But by far the greatest wild supply in North America comes from the Northwest USA mountains and Western Canada. And over 200 tons of dry wild morels come out of mountain ranges in Asia and South America in a normal year.

The most morels I have personally witnessed being picked in one day was 265 pounds by a very tough, strong Laotian guy with a wide blade machete and a garbage can on his back. Cascade Mushroom has been the largest direct collectors of morel mushrooms in North America since just a few of us found where diverse edible wild mushrooms grew in the early 1980s and launched the North American wild mushroom industry. For three decades we have sold an average of 8-15 tons of direct collection North American dry morels per year wholesale. The quality of our dry morels is the best in the business because we have trained buyers who demand high standards from diverse independent pickers, we created our own state of the art drying machines, and our final sorting, cleaning and sizing by species is second to none. We have sold to the most demanding wholesale buyers in the world for 30 years—we know how to do this.  Our prices to you are the lowest because we are large volume direct  collectors—no middleman/no brokers. We are 25-100%+ lower than others selling dry morels online. Compare prices, then send us your order. It will be packed and shipped same day.