Matsutake Mushroom

Cascade S Oregon Mountain #1Medium MatsutakeScientific Name: Ticholoma magnivelare

Also Known As: Pine, Ponderosa

Product Description: One of the most prized mushrooms in Japanese cuisine, the Matsutake is quickly earning it’s popularity in the states as well. The pungent aroma, meaty texture and versatility of cooking techniques are what make the Matsutake so desired. Foods In Season exports over 90% of Matsutake’s foraged to Japan.

Origin: Oregon and Washington Mountainous and Coastal Regions

Farmed or Wild:  Wild Industry Activity: Foraged Shelf Life 7 Days (keep refrigerated at 34 degrees F)

Product Availability: Fresh: September-December

Appearance: Varies by age of mushroom; #1 Small/Petite – Closed cap, 2-2 ½ inch length #1 Medium – Closed cap 2 ½ – 5 inch length #1 Large – Closed cap 5 + inch length Open Cap – Larger, more mature, Cap is fully opened


Aroma: Unusually spicy and piney, meaty on the inside Savory and pungent – mostly smell of Pine from the mycelium of the Pine tree.

Minimum Order: 6 pounds